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7″ long holographic OnlyFans logo parody sticker inspired by the Black Meteoric Star song “Freaks Only”. All sales donated to the Brooklyn chapter of the Sex Worker Outreach Project aka SWOP ( Purchase includes a free download of “Freaks Only”.

At first OnlyFreaks was a tongue in cheek idea that came to us after riffing on the Black Meteoric Star song, “Freaks Only.” Our graphic design wizard Crystal literally made the OnlyFans logo into an OnlyFreaks logo to reference the song during one of our label meetings (they tend to be goofy like that)

After our first release of those stickers, OnlyFans announced that it would be banning sexually explicit content in the interest of its donors. We immediately thought back to our OnlyFreaks sticker for several reasons; sex workers are wonderful, sex work has always existed, and more often that not the existence of sex work and the people who do it are threatened. Our sticker is not about OnlyFans as a company but rather about continuing to bring light to the freakiest parts of ourselves. The rise of OnlyFans can only be credited to sex workers. Eliminating sex work from OnlyFans would write a completely false history of the platform.

It did not take long for OnlyFans to reverse their decision, realizing they had made a big mistake. But many sex workers have noted that this is a historical cycle. “The internet was built on a foundation of pornography but companies keep trying to forget that in pursuit of respectability” – Noelle Purdue, Washington Post (full article linked below). Large companies have always tried to have their cake and eat it too by capitalizing on sex while attempting to seize a moral highground; we’ve seen this before: rentboy, craigslist, backpage etc.

Just because OnlyFans reversed their decision does not mean that sex workers are in the clear. With calls to decriminalize sex work come other voices trying to further criminalize it. However, much of the current suggested changes to legislation actually harm the sex worker.

Until the end of the year all proceeds from your purchase of a holographic OnlyFreaks sticker will go directly to the Brooklyn Sex Workers’ Outreach Project. We made this sticker because we fucking love sex workers and wanted to bring more attention to a resource in Brooklyn that does a lot of amazing work. In poking fun at OnlyFans we hope you can celebrate the freaky within yourself while supporting a fucking awesome organization.

While financial support is helpful and necessary, the best way to be of support is to listen to sex workers. Sex work is real work. It has always existed, and always will exist.

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